early essence

Early Essence

In the Foundation Stage we are using an online observation and tracking tool called Early Essence.  Early Essence enables us to take photographs, record video and make written observations demonstrating what the children are learning.  In turn, this helps us to decide how we are going to take children forward with their next steps.

All our observations are related to the Early Years Outcomes statements of the Early Years curriculum which defines what the children are learning as well as the Characteristics of Effective Learning which concentrates on how a child is learning. When we observe our children, we ensure that we are looking at all seven areas of learning, and the Characteristics, and together these observations inform our future planning.

Early Essence enables you as parents to become fully involved in a child's learning, to see how your own child is progressing and to share with your child what they have been doing in school.  It also allows parents to add their own comments and observations so that a child's journey is being completed by everybody involved.

Current parents, please click here so that you can access your child's online learning journey.  You will need to enter your own unique username and password.  If you have any questions or comments about your child, please come in and speak to your child's teacher/key worker.