The Parent Teachers Association at Heathfield School welcomes the parents of all children who attend Heathfield School.

The PTA is primarily an opportunity for parents and staff to meet with each other socially. Events are organised every couple of months and there will be something to appeal to all tastes. The main aim is to have a good time, but we also raise funds to support specific projects at the School.

The PTA has purchased:

  • Lighting and sound system for the hall
  • Kit for football, hockey and swimming teams
  • Library sacks
  • Equipment for gardening club
  • Assisted with funding for all Heathfield children attending ‘The Jungle Book’ theatre production
  • Swimming and gymnastic awards
  • Commemorative coin for the Queen’s 80th birthday
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Bird box materials
  • Playground equipment and seating
How can I get involved?

The PTA runs entirely through the efforts of volunteers from amongst both parents and teachers. As inevitably happens, a number of PTA stalwarts have recently moved on as their children have left the School, so we are looking for some “new talent” to maintain and develop this important part of the social life of Heathfield.

Although we appreciate that everyone has different demands on their time, we welcome people who can just spare an hour or two to help as much as those who can make a greater time commitment. The more people who are involved in some capacity, the easier and the more fun it is to organise and run the events.
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