The Curriculum

Information and Communication Technology is one of the key areas of development at the School. It pervades all areas of the curriculum, being used widely in every subject; however, it is also taught as a discrete subject. This allows pupils to gain the skills they need in a variety of recognised software packages in commercial use. At Heathfield the pupils are encouraged to view ICT as a tool that can be used for an enormous number of purposes and not, necessarily, as a single subject. Pupils are encouraged to create presentations, spreadsheets and databases, and to have a sound knowledge of word processing to enhance their work.


With the introduction of the discrete curriculum there has been a large number of subsequent developments and improvements to the system as a whole.

We have recently upgraded all the PC units in the ICT suite and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and separate PC units for use in lessons.

The pupils have access to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and have individual log on names and passwords to their own folders on the School server. They enjoy a school email address and are encouraged to transfer data through this medium between home and School.

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