Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning Support is an integral part of the School, aiming to maximize the potential of each individual

Early Identification

When a pupil fails to make the expected progress, and it is suspected that he or she may be experiencing problems, especially of a dyslexic type, then appropriate teaching is vital for that pupil to reach his or her full potential and flourish in School. The earlier the pupil is identified the more effective that teaching can be. Following assessment, it may be that such a pupil will be thought to benefit from specialist input.

Learning Support at Heathfield

At Heathfield we have a specialist teacher who is qualified and experienced in the teaching of students with mild, specific learning difficulties, especially those of a dyslexic type. This teacher’s job includes:

  • Assessment of individual pupils
  • Liaison with parents
  • Liaison with and advice to colleagues
  • Direct teaching input
  • Contributing to the review process

Learning Support Room

At Heathfield we have a well-resourced learning support room where pupils are able to have lessons in small groups. There is a good selection of multi-sensory teaching equipment, reading books and games. Opportunities are found wherever possible for the use of ICT and there is a range of suitable software.

Teaching Assistants

Staff and the Learning Support Teacher work together to ease the problems in the classroom of pupils who are identified as having mild, specific learning difficulties. We are also fortunate at Heathfield to have five teaching assistants who can give extra support to all children within the classroom, including the gifted and talented.

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