The aim is to provide a wide and varied experiential base for all our pupils.

Allocation of lesson time:

Foundation Stage - two sessions a week

Key Stage 1 - 1 lesson a week and singing practice

Key Stage 2 - 2 lessons a week and singing practice

All children have their music lessons in one of our well stocked Music Rooms, where great emphasis is placed on singing, rhythm and composition.

Music in Year 4

All children in Year 4 have one of their two weekly music lessons learning to play a BRASS, WOODWIND, and STRING instrument. They spend one term with each instrument and these are provided by School, free of charge, and taught by our specialist teachers.

Instrumental Music Lessons

Over 100 children at Heathfield have instrumental music lessons or singing lessons. There is a wide choice of instruments on offer and these are taught by visiting instrumental staff who also teach at the Senior School. When teachers feel pupils are ready they will enter them for Trinity College Music Examinations. Because of the number of pupils involved, we are lucky enough to be able to hold the examinations in our own Performing Arts Centre at Rishworth.

Information about how to apply for tuition for your child is in the Parents’ Handbook.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is a range of musical groups and all children are encouraged to take part. At present the following groups rehearse weekly:

  • Year 3 and 4 Choir
  • Steel Band
  • Brass Group
  • Recorder Group
  • String Group
  • Year 5 and 6 Choir
  • Percussion Group

The Year 5 and 6 Choir takes part in Concerts, Chapel Services and have recently hosted a Singing/Signing day with children from other schools in the community.

The children take part in the local school's Summer Sing at St Bartholomew's Church

Links with Rishworth

There are strong links with the Senior School:

  • Each Christmas we join together to perform for parents in Ripponden Church, presenting traditional and seasonal music.
  • We have now created a Heathfield Primary Young Musician of the Year, to add to Rishworth’s established Young Musician of the Year festival, which takes place at Rishworth in the Performing Arts Centre during May.
  • Instrumental Music teachers continue to teach pupils when they move on to Rishworth
  • The Senior groups come to Heathfield to play for the pupils once or twice a year
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