At Heathfield, the Science curriculum follows the QCA Programmes of Learning as a framework. These are a set of study units that are progressive in their application and depth from Year 1 to Year 6. Additional material is used to enhanced these programmes and extend learning as appropriate.

Each year group is given guidelines upon which the pupils can build up knowledge of the subject matter, an awareness and use of scientific vocabulary and an ability to set up and run fair tests to support their understanding. The pupils are allowed to follow other paths as they arise. Through their lessons, they hope to develop a sense of wonder and a journey of questioning discovery about the world around them.

Resources used are in many forms:

  • Books
  • CD discs
  • Games
  • Equipment
  • The local environment
  • Residential trips from Year 4 onwards

Many aspects of the Science curriculum readily lend themselves to cross curricular activities. The pupils can also use ICT to express results in graph and chart form.

Investigations are encouraged in a progression from teacher-led class discussions and recording of ideas in Year 1 to completely independent recording of Scientific experiments, gathering of appropriate equipment, recording in picture, graph, chart or verbally the results found and drawing conclusions from those investigations by the time they reach Year 6.

Assessment is made on informal and formal ways, through:

  • Discussion during lessons.
  • Testing pre-topic and end-of-topic knowledge.
  • Practice SATs questions in Year 5 and 6.

Evidence is gathered in the form of photographs, written work and photocopied results of investigations.

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