Outdoor provisionOutdoor provision

Outdoor Provision

At Heathfield, we understand and value and benefits of outdoor learning. We are set in a truly magnificent location, in countryside close to the Pennines. Deep valleys and vast reservoirs teeming with life are our neighbours. There is a lot to be learned from exploring these natural educational resources and by taking lessons out-of-doors.

Heathfield has unique outdoor spaces for the children to discover. Between ourselves and Rishworth School, we have over 130 acres of land, and children have the opportunity to investigate our distinctive grounds. For all pupils at Heathfield we have “The Dingle”, an area of woodland that is self contained, allowing even our youngest pupils to explore the outdoors in a safe and secure environment under constant supervision.

 Descending further down the valley, through tall oaks and sycamores, the children come to a compact flood plain, with profuse wild plants and flowers. To the right is a large area of land that we have called the Meadow, which we intend that children will develop themselves, along with members of the local community. In the centre of the Meadow stands a mighty horse chestnut providing a wonderful canopy in summer.

 Continuing over the stream, children come to the “Bottom Pitch”, a large sports field surrounded by more mature trees and wild flowers. It is here that many of our games lessons and competitive matches take place.

Taken in combination these fantastic areas provide some truly unique and exciting learning opportunities.

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