Early years

The Early Years

Nursery and Reception (Foundation Stage) and Years One and Two (Key Stage 1) are known as the 'The Early Years'. There is a member of staff with overall responsibility for this section of the School.

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage Unit accommodates Nursery and Reception children

As elsewhere in the School, the aim is to create a happy and caring environment in which to build a child’s confidence and to make learning enjoyable. Children in both Nursery and Reception Years follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum which covers 6 Learning Areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Creative Development, Physical Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Each pupil’s progress in every Learning Area is monitored throughout the Foundation Stage and recorded in his/her Foundation Stage Profile.

Transition from Nursery to Reception is carefully planned. Many opportunities are created for the children to work and play together as well as to get to know staff e.g. through the Foundation Stage Nativity Play.

P.E., Music and Swimming lessons take place once a week and pupils are taught by Heathfield’s specialist teachers who teach these subjects to pupils throughout the School.

Key stage 1

The broad Key Stage 1 curriculum encompasses, but is not limited to, the National Curriculum in Years 1 and 2 and involves an increasingly more formal approach to learning. The children continue to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as PE, Games, Swimming, IT, Art, Music, Science, Design Technology, Humanities, and PSHCE. In Year 2 pupils are introduced to French, for which there are specialist subject teaching and excellent resources.

Progress, which is continuously monitored and assessed by staff, is reported to Parents three times a year, and teaching is directed accordingly. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s education. At the end of Year 2 pupils will do the National Key Stage 1 Tasks and Tests known as SATs (Standard Attainment Tests).

During Year 2 pupils are encouraged to develop more independence in preparation for their move into Key Stage 2 (Juniors).

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